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JetEngine Cover/Plugs

  AVIATION PRODUCTS - Civilian Jet Engine Shipping and Storage Covers and Plugs  

We make covers and plugs for all commercial engines. We also clean and repair any engine cover. No other company in the world can equal our experience and expertise in producing jet engine covers and plugs.

Our custom-fitted jet engine and storage covers are made from heavy duty, reinforced vinyl. They are made with a weather-proof, reinforced closure system which protects against varied weather conditions, including heat, humidity, extreme cold and air borne sand and dust. They will last through many years of use.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals to do on-site fitting and fabrication of prototype covers. We do the job quickly and correctly. Our covers can be made to fit QEC or non-QEC engines.

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How important is saving millions of dollars in engine repairs to your company?
How important is the safety of your crews that service the equipment your customers fly in?
This is most effective F.O.D prevention device for all jet and aircraft engines known on the market today.
Our Cover-System saves money by completely sealing the engine from debris and weather thereby protecting your investment. It saves you money in man hours by supplying your crews with light weight flexible and easy to install equipment. For a fraction of the cost of those old style heavy yellow plastic kiddie pool engine plugs which fall out time and time again, damage paint and injure personnel you must be wondering why you haven't ordered these yet.

Don't wait! Learn more now! Contact us immediately!

The new BOEING 747-8i is the newest addition to our continuously growing list of aircraft F.O.D. prevention products.
Wolf-Atelier is one of the world's leading manufacturer of replacement and custom aircraft covers. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom and replacement aircraft covers. We design and manufacture the products you need. This is not a part time, on the side type of business like every one of our competitors. At Wolf-Atelier you will only find the latest in designs for your aircraft and ground servicing needs. Wolf-Atelier understands that ease of use, durability and most of all, quality are your main concern as purchasers and crew members, so we have developed and designed a variety of new aircraft covers, plugs and covering tie-down systems to facilitate your needs. Manufactured from the highest quality material your aircraft covers will last longer than any standard covering used by military crews of the past. Your new aircraft and equipment covering will require little maintenance which is one reason why these covers have become the favorite choice of maintenance crews. Our new state of the fastening systems and intake and exhaust plug systems will take your jets to modern technical standard. Browse our pages and see our covers.

Experience the quality and satisfaction of being a Wolf-Atelier customer.
These are some of the benefits to you:

  •   Save money and time - Keep your crew on the flight line and out of the fab shops.
  •   Aircraft covers and plugs are easily installed by one crew member
  •   Our Plugs and cover clocked at winds of 90 knots and holding
  •   Quick and easy tie downs utilizing the design and system
  •   Made of a variety of fabrics able to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  •   modern vinyl/polyester fabric defies rips, tears, abrasions, punctures and extreme temperatures.
  •   Covers/Plugs also available in Cordura Nylon and Tyvek, Naughahide, canvas etc. Your Choice!
  •   All aircraft covers and bags are available with your Squadron Logo.
  •   Custom ordering - we can cover anything!
  •   Fast - reliable quality service
  •    Lifetime manufacturers warranty on all products


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