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JetEngine Cover/Plugs

  AVIATION PRODUCTS - Civilian Jet Engine Shipping and Storage Covers and Plugs  

We are specialized in the production and development of engine covers. The covers we manufacture are used on both on-wing and off-link engines. We meet the challenges of our customers to manufacture covers for the respective application and to consider and implement individual as well as special customer requirements.

Our covers help you to save money and time by protecting your valuable engines from environmental influences such as heat, humidity, extreme cold, sand and dust. And that for many years to come. This is the most effective F.O.D. prevention device for all aircraft engines on the market today. Our long-standing customers include airlines, leasing companies, VIP customers and maintenance companies from many countries around the world.

We use only high quality materials to manufacture our products. This also applies to the selection of standard components that we require. The engine covers are made of a hard-wearing, highly resilient and flame-retardant tarpaulin material. We also offer the manufacture of suitable transport bags for all covers, especially for easy transport and storage.


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Our many years of experience and expertise make us one of the leading manufacturers of engine covers. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists who are engaged in the production of high-quality engine covers. If you wish, we can also take measurements on site for custom-made products.

Find out more now and contact us immediately!

Experience the quality and satisfaction of being a customer of "Wolf-Atelier".

These are some of the advantages for you as our customer:

  •   Save money and time, reduce your maintenance costs
  •   Our aircraft covers can easily be mounted by a crew member
  •   Our covers can also be used in strong winds
  •   Quick and easy mounting
  •   Made from a variety of materials to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  •   modern and hard-wearing vinyl/polyester fabric
  •   Covers/plugs also available in DICKSON PTL 5422 material
  •   All aircraft covers and bags are available with your logo
  •   Individual productions, special and individual productions
  •   Fast and reliable quality service
  • We have the following engine types as standard in our portfolio: PW4000, PW2000, V2500, GEnx, GE90, CFM56-5A, CFM56-5B, CFM56-5C, CFM56-7, TRENT 500, TRENT 700, CF6-80


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